Join the Journey has cemented a partnership with the Canada-based Foundation for International Development Assistance (FIDA)/ and their Haiti branch productive coopératives Haïti (pcH) to achieve sustainable change in Zoranger. FIDA/pcH has been working in Haiti for the past 30 years, with a passionate commitmentto improving agricultural development and food security. During its 30 year history, FIDA/pcH has utilized the agricultural cooperative model to address the endemic issues of poverty. FIDA/pcH has received global acclaim for effective adherence to the participatory approach when undertaking sustainable development activities, particularly among the rural poor. FIDA/pcH currently partners with 25 cooperatives in Haiti, which are entirely owned and operated by their 7,000 members.

For more information on FIDA/pcH, please visit their website at http://www.fida-pch.org/