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  • // December 26, 2011

Take a step back from your present reality - a big step back.  And think, somewhere in this world there is someone dying of starvation or malaria; someone who is a refugee living in a UN-sponsored camp as a result of civil war; or someone rebuilding his life in the equivalent of a squatter’s village because a natural disaster wiped away everything he owned. Despite the richness and blessing so many of us experience, there are so many others that are hurting.

Join the Journey, as a Christ-centered compassion-in-action organization, seeks to go to these people, to initiate a journey with them so that they can move out of their dire circumstances in tandem with drawing closer to the Savior, Jesus.  

We at Join the Journey very much understand the commandment of our good and gracious Lord:  to love Him with all our hearts and minds and souls and to love thy neighbor as thy self.  And so we want to abide in those commandments honestly and humbly: to care for the weak, uplift the struggling, to connect our hearts in such a way that we are sharing in the journey of all peoples to be someone God has created them to be—people meant to bare bountiful fruit as we walk with the Creator.

Our work has begun in Haiti, where we are walking alongside an internally displaced (IDP) camp called Capvva that formed after the tragic earthquake in January 2010. We’re instituting empowerment processes there, connecting the people to important resources, and instilling the message of Jesus Christ. At present, the main concern is relocation, and we are working closely with a number of organizations and government to get the people out of their squalid conditions and into a place where they can grow and seize life to its fullest. 

We know there is hurt in so many other places, as war in Syria and elsewhere are turning so many into refugees. Please pray with us as we seek God's guidance in intervening in these struggles. 

Even if we can’t go, we want to at least tell about the struggles of others, so we can be intentional in prayer for them and so that others who read these stories may be inspired to start their own journey.  

God is calling us to bring forth His Kingdom here on earth, by going to those most in need and displaying His love to them. We pray that you join us in this call.