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Initiating the Empowerment Process alongside a Tent Village of Displaced Haitians

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  • // April 26, 2011

Haiti’s recovery is an ongoing process, one with a lot of complexity and dynamics that include governance issues, decades of corruption, security issues, and long-term poverty. The earthquake has left a great number of people homeless, with much of those displaced living in tents.

On a trip in September 2010, Join the Journey went to a handful of tent villages and made a connection with one in particular, Capvva. From that experience—seeing up close the plight of those that are in such squalid conditions—we are moving our attention and resources as an organization to come alongside them. We seek to foster transformation in economic and spiritual terms.

Capvva has no viable water sources and nearly every member of the village is without a job. They have tried farming but to no avail due to the water situation. They have God and therefore hope but they are so beaten by the world that they have virtually given up trying for something better. JOIN THE JOURNEY is praying that through His Spirit and perfect journey, that our involvement with Capvva can help spur new hope and true development.