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A baby at a Haiti orphanage. Her condition is very weak without much available to care for her. © Heather Hendrick 2010

Reality is a Weighty Thing

Stepping in to the hurt of a under-funded, under-staffed Haiti orphanage

Remember the four week old baby whose mother died?

Remember how she was offered to us? We were asked if we wanted her?

Remember how I said we cried over her and then sent her back to the orphanage?

An orphanage we had never seen.

Part of coming to Haiti for us is facing the orphan crisis in this country and hopefully in this world. We'll also admit that we're big wienies who don't like to face this stuff alone, so we are making you face it with us.

The moment a woman at your gate hands you her baby and begs you to take her is the moment when there's no more pretending. We had spent most of our life trying to insulate ourselves from pain, honesty and suffering while living in the US. When someone hands you a four week old baby and says, "Do you want her?" all that padding and insulation suddenly falls apart. The surround sound airbags explode, and the substance you're left with is cold, hard, and uncomfortable.

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Into the Hurt

Those serving with and for Him

This blog are random thoughts and snap shots of people living within the hurt. Not journeys...but thoughts, as people just utter what's on their minds that day/week/month, capturing a moment for us all, how the Lord works even in the hardest times. 

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On Mission in Haiti - JTJ Trip 2010

Launching on our first media and humanitarian trip, setting feet on the ground and giving our heart to Haiti, executive director Adam Cole shares the observations of the country and efforts to be His hands and feet. Though it is a short trip, 8 days, we hope you connect with this blog as a way to be with us during the journey of stepping into the hurt of Haiti. 

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Voice for the Hurting

 A blog dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless, whether it be the persecuted or the poor, this blog seeks to give us an introspective look at the plight of others and stir up passion in our hearts to do something about it.


Prayer + Praise

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain "

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