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Blogs // God's Deliverance, God's plans , Prayer for the hurting

Being Faithful in 2010

Moving with God as He Directs - Are you Ready?

It is a wonderful day to be a part of the great family of God, through Christ!

Blogs // God's Deliverance, God's plans

Madrid Part 2: Inside the Moroccan/Muslim World

Walking Prayerfully in Faith through Spain

I have been in Madrid now for two days, linking up with Alex (his name changed to protect his identity), a missionary sent here to minister specifically to the Moroccan population of Madrid, the majority of which are Muslim, though a portion (how much or little is uncertain) connect to the faith more culturally than religiously.

Blogs // God's Deliverance, Prayer for the hurting

Prayerfully Walking in Spain

Friendship Evangelism Connecting Hearts to Christ

The never-ending journey of life that God has set me on has now taken me to Spain, where I am meeting with local missionaries and then will be touring around with my wife; the first part being sort of a spiritual retreat and the second part being sort of a romantic retreat. Both of which hopefully pleasing to the Lord.

Blogs // God's Deliverance

Commemorating Deliverance

God has called His people to remember how He freed them slavery

Taking a close look at Passover...the celebration and the exodus that created the remembrance. God brought His people out of slavery, a freedom we all can experience now through Jesus Christ.