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Prayers for Haiti

He has the Master Plans

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti Jan. 12 - our prayers deeply go out to them.

Blogs // God's Deliverance, God's plans , Prayer for the hurting

Being Faithful in 2010

Moving with God as He Directs - Are you Ready?

It is a wonderful day to be a part of the great family of God, through Christ!

Blogs // God's plans

Reflecting on the God-given joys of 2009

He is working, always

Despite giving up a resolve to accomplish everything within my grasp, God still provided the best of life. It seems that the more we stop striving, the more the Lord is able to step in and work.

Blogs // God's Deliverance, God's plans

Madrid Part 2: Inside the Moroccan/Muslim World

Walking Prayerfully in Faith through Spain

I have been in Madrid now for two days, linking up with Alex (his name changed to protect his identity), a missionary sent here to minister specifically to the Moroccan population of Madrid, the majority of which are Muslim, though a portion (how much or little is uncertain) connect to the faith more culturally than religiously.

Blogs // God's plans

Life Milestone, Love Milestone

Committment to God Led to a Committment to Love: Marriage

When we commit to the Lord, He takes us on a journey...I never expected or imagine the journey that would unfold in love, that recently led to marriage.