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Blogs // Heart for Haiti

Reality is a Weighty Thing

Stepping in to the hurt of a under-funded, under-staffed Haiti orphanage

Heather Hendrick, serving in Haiti in a number of capacities, shares thoughts from a visit to an orphanage there. She was led to visit the orphanage to visit a specific child, one that was offered to her (just a casual offer of "do you want this baby?") at her home one day. While she and her family could not accept the child, it has remained close to their heart and brought forth the visit and this blog entry after seeing the conditions there.

Blogs // Heart for Haiti

Expecting Great Things

Confidence in His Movement in Haiti

Initial thoughts on Haiti, God's work here within the earthquake as I begin to adapt and get planted in a new world. I moved here on faith and now just want to make a difference as He wills.