JOURNEYS // fulfilling the great commission

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Fulfilling the Great Commission

Mission to Uganda

Ron Koehler shares Uganda mission experience where he and Naval Academy midshipman connected to people in several areas

Ron Koehler shares his journey of taking disciples from his current mission field (Naval Academy) onto his old mission field (Uganda). In a three-week trip midshipmen were able to connect deeply with the various ministries taking place there and by God’s great hand, were able to witness six professions of faith due to the message they shared with Ugandans.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Fulfilling the Great Commission

Equipping Great Commission Laborers

Called by God and inspired by an Amazon pastor, Ed White began an organization to spread the gospel in the most unreached places

Exposed to the passion of indigenous Christian laborers, Ed White began an organization to equip them to make a bigger impact for the gospel in their communities. Great Commission Resources International (GCRI) has brought Bibles and bicycles, lanterns, horses, canoes, in order to give those preaching a better avenue to get His Word to others. Ed shares his journey of the amazing realization of the power of indigenous ministry and the other ways the Lord has led him and GCRI to help others around the world.

Journeys // Fulfilling the Great Commission

Christ’s Work in the Global Marketplace

Kevin Pate describes how the Lord is at work in the hearts of the globe’s business leaders.

Choosing Christ over the ways of the world is the essence of Christianity. While such a choice can be challenging in business, it is achievable. Kevin Pate, director of Global Advance Marketplace Missions, shares his journey of ministering to developing world business people, teaching them to not only live for Christ in their personal walk but also that they are called by God, to serve alongside Him, to participate in what He is doing in and through the marketplace.

Journeys // Fulfilling the Great Commission

Cultivating the Field

As a native pastor in Jamaica, Pastor Vernon Allen shares about howGod has worked to make Buff Bay a training ground for oversea

To many in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, Jamaica is a vast mission field. To Pastor Vernon Allen, Jamaica is home. Though he focuses much of his attention on his congregation and uplifting the local poor, he has worked in conjunction with U.S. Christians to set up a special residence for incoming missionaries and program to well-employ them while they are in Jamaica. The hope is that through short-term missions work, particularly for African Americans, that they will truly discover God’s great plan of world evangelization