JOURNEYS // giving to the children

Journeys // Giving to the Children

Going to the Orphans

Join the Journey's Adam Cole spends Christmas Eve with the boys of Santa Maria in Peru

Seeking to extend compassion in connection with the commemoration of Christ’s birth, Join the Journey’s Adam Cole shares his journey of stepping into the lives of Peruvian children that are being raised in a 100-plus group home for boys. While the conditions for the boys are of extreme poverty, the joy there is overabundant.

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Jeremy Willet and friends see firsthand how hard it is to get water in Haiti and discover a painful reality there

On a recent trip to Aux Cadet, Haiti, Jeremy Willet and a team from the United States stepped alongside children as they brought buckets of water back to their families. Not only was the process arduous (up some steep climbs), also took up to six hours to complete (3 separate trips up to a spring). Sadly, the water was still very polluted with disease. Such a travesty captured the heart of Jeremy and others. He writes about this and other insights in the trip to Haiti and pledges to continue to work to make the lives there better.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Giving to the Children

Serving God and All His Children

Laurie Kepcke Shares Her Humbling Summer 2010 Mission Trip Experience in the Ukraine at a Vorzel Orphanage

Teaser: Orphans throughout the world carry a unique journey, usually abandoned by parents for various reasons. Laurie Kepcke stepped into the lives of children at the Vorzel Orphanage in Ukraine. Her personal attention specifically to one, Igor, allowed him to blossom even as he continues to face the challenges of a mental disability.

Journeys // Giving to the Children

Sponsorship to Salvation

Jeremy Willet shares the story of sponsored child Matthewos Birhanu Fufa from Ehiopia who recently chose Jesus as his savior.

“Jesus Christ greatly changed my life..." These were the words of Matthewos Birhanu Fufa, a 10-year-old from Ethiopia in a letter he wrote to his sponsor, Willet front man Jeremy Willet. Jeremy recently shared his own story of how God is moving him to sing for sponsored children. Now he shares the story of Matthewos and how the young boy came to know Jesus by experiencing firsthand the goodness of God.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Giving to the Children

From Song to Action

Singer-songwriter uses voice for children in the poorest areas of the world

It started with Ethiopia - 1000 children in need of a voice. Then, Mozambique -another 1500 children in need of help. Then, in August of 2009, God placed the band in Haiti to adopt a community of 400 additional children. On January 12th, 2010, the Haiti earthquake changed everything. Suddenly the community of 400 children quickly became 3,000. Jeremy Willet, along with brothers in the band Willet, travel the world full-time to find sponsors for children living in complete poverty. Jeremy shares his passion with JTJ, explaining that they won’t quit until all the children have sponsors.