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Mission - Giving Aid

Serving with the U.S. Navy Haiti humanitarian response, Adam Cole reflects on the hurt and the healing that he experienced there

Journey the Journey executive director and editor-in-chief, Adam Cole, in his other capacity as naval officer, has been humanitarian efforts in Haiti aboard the cruiser USS Normandy. After a month as part of the efforts, he and his ship were sent back to Norfolk to return to training and preparing for an upcoming deployment. Here he reflects on the multitude of feelings and emotions that came with being so close to the hurt and stepping into that hurt to help.

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God Makes a Way

The Samaritan’s Purse team in Haiti feels God’s hand as overwhelming challenges are overcome

David Torres is the leader of the Samaritan's Purse disaster relief team that deployed within hours of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This is his story and testimony of the hope and help in Haiti, all made possible by God.

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Ti Chape

As posted on Compassion's Blogsite:

After passing by a hazy eastern tip of Cuba, our American Airlines flight banked steeply to the right and within minutes we were passing over the northern peninsula of Haiti, so recognizable due to the heavily rutted landscape.

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Calm among Chaos - a Personal Journey from a Red Cross Volunteer in Haiti

Blog Posted January 18, 2010 by Wendy Harman, American Red Cross

After a tiring day of travel from Santo Domingo, I arrived at the American Red Cross office. The structure is visibly unstable but the open air office is a buzz with activity. All salvageable furniture is on the lawn, the front gates are open, and the street is orderly. It's friendly, full of humanity. Red Cross flags hang on the walls.

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Opened Hearts in Lisbon

Connecting to the people through dialogue and prayer

A missions team from Norfolk creates connections in a multitude of ways in Lisbon, Portugal, opening doors, opening hearts for God to seep in there

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Special Delivery to Philippines

Providing food and hope to those in need on a special humanitarian trip back home (Philippines)

A U.S. Navy chaplain writes about a special trip in which he teamed with other servants of the Lord in providing food and hope to those in need in the Philippines.

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Journey through Peru

Wonders of Many Kinds

Step inside a trip that embodied the journey and all that its about, just in the flow places and people and experiencing whatever comes your way. Highlights included flying high over Miraflores, stopping in on a Wonder of the World, tasting a variety of foods, connecting with the lives of so many Peruvians...and much more.