JOURNEYS // hope for haiti

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Enduring Hope

Still homeless as a result of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, the people of Capvva have not given up hope

Living in tents has been hard, very hard. The people of Capvva have survived past the challenges inherent in their situation. Their future is still uncertain but the local government has finally taken notice and some type of permanent solution is on the horizon.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Deep resolve

Despite slow progress, Capvva residents continue to strive for better future

Life has not gotten easier for people that were forced into tents following Haiti's tragic earthquake in 2010. Though conditions are dire, the people have not lost hope and continue to move forward. Tangible signs of progress are evident and the community is praising the Lord even just for allowing them to breathe into a new day.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Resurrection Celebration

Members of Capvva raised hands and lifted hearts to their Savior on Easter

Even as the hardship of life continues in Capvva, the people paused for celebration to give their hearts to the Lord.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Change on the Horizon

Capvva making steps of progress

Change has been slow and difficult for a small tent village in Haiti hurt by the earthquake called Capvva. But change is coming. The visible signs are still formalizing but one thing that has crystallized is the community's willingness to collaborate. From Capvva's eyes, we present an update on the journey of change.

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Salt and Light in Haiti

One of JTJ’s board member steps into the tent city JTJ has committed to journeying with and gives his heart to those there

While Haiti continues to make steps forward on the path of recovery, there is still a great sector of the population entrenched in the after-effects of the January 2010 quake’s wake. Those are the tent city dwellers, people who can barely afford a day’s meal, hardly enough to relocate to a new home. Join the Journey has committed to walking alongside one particular tent city, just outside of Cite Soleil, and sent one of our board members, Jay Coulter, to deliver compassion and impart some Christ-filled inspiration. He details the events of his journey to Haiti and the people that touched him as he was seeking to touch them.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Community in Stasis

A Haitian tent village continues to struggle with basic necessities even as the months since the earthquake ticks on

Join the Journey’s Adam Cole provides an update on Cappva, the tent village he met six months ago. The tragedy in the update is that the village still remains without many vital life necessities. In light of this, Adam reflects on God’s call and promises.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Tragedy with New Hope

Stephen Carlton, a volunteer with Haiti Outreach Ministries, reflects on a powerful day of prayer and praise

It was a day both of silence and praise. Stephen Carlton reflects on a moment of pause in Haiti - and how things continue to move forward, as the people celebrate God's grace and continuous work.

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Pouring Into a Brighter Future

One Year after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, Stephen Byxbe reflects on the progress that has been made there

Haiti has been broken by the earthquake but a year later, the people are focusing on what has been built and not what has been lost. Stephen Byxbe, with Haiti Outreach Ministries, has seen that work up close, first hand. He shares a meaningful reflection with JTJ.

Journeys // Hope for Haiti

Heart Broken for Haiti

JTJ's Adam Cole reflects on his journey to Haiti linking with Haiti Outreach Ministries

Seeking to connect deeper with the recovery process, Adam Cole journeys back to Haiti, to partner with Haiti Outreach Ministries. He witnessed the overwhelming mounds of rubble, endless tent cities, but also saw the hope when people get new homes. While it is a place of mass destitution, Adam writes about the faith of the people and the joy of the children.

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Jeremy Willet and friends see firsthand how hard it is to get water in Haiti and discover a painful reality there

On a recent trip to Aux Cadet, Haiti, Jeremy Willet and a team from the United States stepped alongside children as they brought buckets of water back to their families. Not only was the process arduous (up some steep climbs), also took up to six hours to complete (3 separate trips up to a spring). Sadly, the water was still very polluted with disease. Such a travesty captured the heart of Jeremy and others. He writes about this and other insights in the trip to Haiti and pledges to continue to work to make the lives there better.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

So Hungry, So Thirsty

Ryan Horn, of Food for the Hungry, recounts seeing hunger and thirst up close in Haiti

Even though the scene was filled with destroyed homes and dreams, Ryan Horn found people living on hope. So many just wanted a drop to drink, he describes and why it is so vital that we don't turn our minds our hearts away from Haiti.

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Catching a Glimpse of a Bright Future

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, journeys to Haiti to capture a sense of the rebuilding process

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, shares his insights on what he saw during a trip to Haiti to access how the people of Haiti and how his staff part of the organization will move forward. He was impressed by the optimism and the hard work taking place there.

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Answering the Call

Twenty-four-year-old graphic designer leaves everything behind in America to commit to seeing Haiti rebuild

After growing and deepening his relationship with the Lord throughout 2009, Stephen Byxbe knew he was being called to serve the most hungry in some other country. He wasn’t exactly sure until the earthquake in Haiti struck—and then He knew. Byxbe shares his journey of just arriving to Haiti and his initial observations of the hurt and hope.