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Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

Pouring Into a Brighter Future

One Year after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, Stephen Byxbe reflects on the progress that has been made there

Haiti has been broken by the earthquake but a year later, the people are focusing on what has been built and not what has been lost. Stephen Byxbe, with Haiti Outreach Ministries, has seen that work up close, first hand. He shares a meaningful reflection with JTJ.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe

The Crisis of Too Much Water

David Burton, with Food for the Hungry, in Pakistan, reflects on the floods and the emergency aid being distributed

The rain has finally stopped. In some places, it looks as though the area is in the midst of a drought. In other places, the water still has yet to recede. Life is far from moving on, but at least the people of Pakistan have shelter. David Burton describes how even without much, God has retained their self worth and continues to carry them.

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Into the Hurt of the Floods

Leena Samuel, with Food for the Hungry, reports from Pakistan the challenges and the brokenness faced victims there

Leena Samuel, of Food for the Hungry, gives an up close perspective of the hurt in Pakistan. She describes the desperation of people still without food aid. She describes the efforts of women to keep their dignity in the face of these circumstances. Be prepared to be broken by her words as it paints a hopeless picture that solicits a response from each of us to intercede somehow.

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Jeremy Willet and friends see firsthand how hard it is to get water in Haiti and discover a painful reality there

On a recent trip to Aux Cadet, Haiti, Jeremy Willet and a team from the United States stepped alongside children as they brought buckets of water back to their families. Not only was the process arduous (up some steep climbs), also took up to six hours to complete (3 separate trips up to a spring). Sadly, the water was still very polluted with disease. Such a travesty captured the heart of Jeremy and others. He writes about this and other insights in the trip to Haiti and pledges to continue to work to make the lives there better.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Giving to the Children

Serving God and All His Children

Laurie Kepcke Shares Her Humbling Summer 2010 Mission Trip Experience in the Ukraine at a Vorzel Orphanage

Teaser: Orphans throughout the world carry a unique journey, usually abandoned by parents for various reasons. Laurie Kepcke stepped into the lives of children at the Vorzel Orphanage in Ukraine. Her personal attention specifically to one, Igor, allowed him to blossom even as he continues to face the challenges of a mental disability.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe

Feeding Hope

Nanci Sebeniecher of Hope Feeds shares her journey of working to alleviate hunger to Africa’s most starving children.

In Africa, HIV/AIDS and malnourishment are a deadly combo. Even when HIV/AIDS medicine can be administered to those with the disease, it cannot take hold unless the patients are well-fed. Nanci Sebeniecher describes the journey she is on to ensure that those most need of those nutrients are getting them through a high-nutrient peanut butter. Her organization Hope Feed is relying on the Lord to open up doors to feed those in need and also give them much-needed hope.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe

Trash into Treasure

Ree Soria displays Christ’s love to scavengers at the one-time trash dump Smokey Mountain in the Philippines

Ree Soria, media marketing manager for True Love Waits Philippines together with her team director, team mates and some missionary friends took a venture into the remnants of a trash dump in Manila that goes by the name Smokey Mountain. While there, she conversed with a man whose life mission is to scavenge for recyclable trash. He was a man without hope, but Ree was able to speak to his heart to allow Him to see that Jesus Christ provides hope even in the worst situations—and leads to a pathway of everlasting life.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe

Giving Burundi a Healthy Chance

Cameron Calabrese shares how God is moving in Burundi to alleviate the harshest health ills

In one of the poorest countries in the world, a health revival is taking place, where the population now has a better chance at fighting the intestinal parasites caused from its drinking water. Cameron Calabrese shares his journey into how the Lord has raised up leaders in order to put on an all-encompassing national health event in Burundi.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Giving to the Children

From Song to Action

Singer-songwriter uses voice for children in the poorest areas of the world

It started with Ethiopia - 1000 children in need of a voice. Then, Mozambique -another 1500 children in need of help. Then, in August of 2009, God placed the band in Haiti to adopt a community of 400 additional children. On January 12th, 2010, the Haiti earthquake changed everything. Suddenly the community of 400 children quickly became 3,000. Jeremy Willet, along with brothers in the band Willet, travel the world full-time to find sponsors for children living in complete poverty. Jeremy shares his passion with JTJ, explaining that they won’t quit until all the children have sponsors.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe

Broken by War, Restored by Love

Richard C. Shermer, along with Today’s Children, Africa’s Future, journeys to give new hope to Uganda’s children

Rebels from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have destroyed much of northern Uganda in what has been a 22-year civil war with government forces. They have destroyed villages and abducted children, turning them in to fighters. What they could not do was kill hope, and organizations like Today’s Children, Africa’s Future (TCAF) are working to give children there a renewed chance at life. Richard C. Shermer, founder and executive director of TCAF, shares his journey of how he was brought into fabric of the hurt there and what the Lord inspired him to do about it.

Journeys // Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

So Hungry, So Thirsty

Ryan Horn, of Food for the Hungry, recounts seeing hunger and thirst up close in Haiti

Even though the scene was filled with destroyed homes and dreams, Ryan Horn found people living on hope. So many just wanted a drop to drink, he describes and why it is so vital that we don't turn our minds our hearts away from Haiti.

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Catching a Glimpse of a Bright Future

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, journeys to Haiti to capture a sense of the rebuilding process

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, shares his insights on what he saw during a trip to Haiti to access how the people of Haiti and how his staff part of the organization will move forward. He was impressed by the optimism and the hard work taking place there.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

Answering the Call

Twenty-four-year-old graphic designer leaves everything behind in America to commit to seeing Haiti rebuild

After growing and deepening his relationship with the Lord throughout 2009, Stephen Byxbe knew he was being called to serve the most hungry in some other country. He wasn’t exactly sure until the earthquake in Haiti struck—and then He knew. Byxbe shares his journey of just arriving to Haiti and his initial observations of the hurt and hope.

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Giving her heart to orphaned boys in Peru

Erika James shares her journey how God linked her heart with the Lima, Peru-based Santa Maria’s Boys Home

Erika James meshes motherly, sisterly and godly to 120 poor Peruvian boys who live in a Lima orphanage. Here, she shares her journey of following God’s call to “do more,” which originally took her to Peru. Once there, He led her to Santa Maria’s Boys Home and instantly linked her heart to the kids there. Just completing her 7th journey there in early February, Erika gives her account of following in faith and reflecting His love.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Heart for Haiti Remains in Haiti

Samaritan's Purse Bolivia Director Shares an Account on the Efforts in Haiti.

Daniel Zeidan, director of the Samaritan's Purse office in Bolivia, spent three weeks in Haiti helping deliver relief supplies to earthquake survivors. He reflected on his time in the country after returning to La Paz. Though he is off Haitian land, he explains that his mind and his heart are still there.

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Mission - Giving Aid

Serving with the U.S. Navy Haiti humanitarian response, Adam Cole reflects on the hurt and the healing that he experienced there

Journey the Journey executive director and editor-in-chief, Adam Cole, in his other capacity as naval officer, has been humanitarian efforts in Haiti aboard the cruiser USS Normandy. After a month as part of the efforts, he and his ship were sent back to Norfolk to return to training and preparing for an upcoming deployment. Here he reflects on the multitude of feelings and emotions that came with being so close to the hurt and stepping into that hurt to help.

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God Makes a Way

The Samaritan’s Purse team in Haiti feels God’s hand as overwhelming challenges are overcome

David Torres is the leader of the Samaritan's Purse disaster relief team that deployed within hours of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This is his story and testimony of the hope and help in Haiti, all made possible by God.

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Food for the Hungry - On the Ground in Haiti

Personnel and Supplies Fully Engaged to Fight Disaster

Everybody has a story who is on the ground in Haiti's capital and the surrounding area; it's a story of hope for some and one of pain and suffering for others. Nevertheless, it's a story of survival.

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Ti Chape

As posted on Compassion's Blogsite:

After passing by a hazy eastern tip of Cuba, our American Airlines flight banked steeply to the right and within minutes we were passing over the northern peninsula of Haiti, so recognizable due to the heavily rutted landscape.

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Calm among Chaos - a Personal Journey from a Red Cross Volunteer in Haiti

Blog Posted January 18, 2010 by Wendy Harman, American Red Cross

After a tiring day of travel from Santo Domingo, I arrived at the American Red Cross office. The structure is visibly unstable but the open air office is a buzz with activity. All salvageable furniture is on the lawn, the front gates are open, and the street is orderly. It's friendly, full of humanity. Red Cross flags hang on the walls.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Workplace Mission Field - Engaging with Business Leaders in Uganda

Dr. Bob Reccord, minister and founder of Total Impact Life Ministries, a ministry that seeks to inspire men and woman to reach their full potential in life and relationship with God, traveled with his wife Cheryl to Uganda for a very intentional mission trip. The two combined to share the message of the Gospel to business leaders there and how it relates to being stewards of His truth in the workplace. Many were touched and many walked away with hearts more committed to living out His principles and the Great Commission.

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A Greater Purpose Amid the Rubble

Against the backdrop of a tragic earthquake, two Peruvian mothers experience a new level of hope and faith.

Ryan Horn, a project coordinator for the hunger relief organization Food for the Hungry, visited Peru with media specialist Elgin MacMillan to gather videos and media resources. They trekked over an area that was hit hard by an earthquake but was able to rebound due to the help of Food for the Hungry. Horn tells the story of those the individuals that have rebuilt their lives and grown in God through the process. Lauren Woodside, a Hunger Corps with Food for the Hungry, helped conduct the interviews for this story.

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Caring for Africa’s Orphans

How God moved Jo Anne Byrum to Zambia to oversee the building and facilitation of orphanages there.

After short term mission trips to Zambia in 1998 and then again a year later, the Lord spoke to Jo Anne Byrum very clearly about what he had for her - take care of the children there. She ended up planting herself in Zambia shortly thereafter and is now the director of House of Faith, which builds and facilitates orphanages to give Zambian orphans a better life.