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Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia, On Journey With Jesus

The Aroma of Christ within a World filled with Incense (to Idols)

Sarah Hastings travels to the Buddhist nation of Cambodia to teach Jesus and be a light for the hurting

Cambodia is a country with paralyzing disparities, where Lexus' weave in and out of motos and bicycles—and still demand the right of way. Sarah Hastings traveled to this part of the world to make a difference and share both the gospel of Christ and also His love. In her journey report, sent in after her first week of working in the country, she confesses to seeing hurt beyond what she was ready for, where little boys are forced to beg for dollars that are already earmarked to supply others’ drug addictions. Still, she has seen Him move, and is encouraged that He is bringing hope to an environment in Cambodia without much of it.

Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia, On Journey With Jesus

Planting Seeds in Vietnam

A Norfolk, Va. missions pastor gets personal with the Vietnamese people

Curt Breland, global missions pastor at First Baptist Church of Norfolk, led a team to Vietnam and dawn of 2010. He shares his insights into a country still recovering from the struggle between North and South and the dictator government that ruled there for so long. Curt also talks about the openness of the people to hear the Gospel and the great work of believers that the group met there.

Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia


Saying good bye to Japan after a multitude of experiences there

Good byes are always so hard...especially when you've fallen in love with the people, the land, and the culture of a place. Japan: a place to remember.

Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia

Sawadee and Smiles

Thailand offers the granduer of palaces and elephants but also humble hospitality

This place is known as the Land of Smiles and clearly lives up to it. The common greeting is "Sawadee," one that the people seem to go out of the way to utter to you.