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Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Hope for Haiti

Salt and Light in Haiti

One of JTJ’s board member steps into the tent city JTJ has committed to journeying with and gives his heart to those there

While Haiti continues to make steps forward on the path of recovery, there is still a great sector of the population entrenched in the after-effects of the January 2010 quake’s wake. Those are the tent city dwellers, people who can barely afford a day’s meal, hardly enough to relocate to a new home. Join the Journey has committed to walking alongside one particular tent city, just outside of Cite Soleil, and sent one of our board members, Jay Coulter, to deliver compassion and impart some Christ-filled inspiration. He details the events of his journey to Haiti and the people that touched him as he was seeking to touch them.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Fulfilling the Great Commission

Mission to Uganda

Ron Koehler shares Uganda mission experience where he and Naval Academy midshipman connected to people in several areas

Ron Koehler shares his journey of taking disciples from his current mission field (Naval Academy) onto his old mission field (Uganda). In a three-week trip midshipmen were able to connect deeply with the various ministries taking place there and by God’s great hand, were able to witness six professions of faith due to the message they shared with Ugandans.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Fulfilling the Great Commission

Equipping Great Commission Laborers

Called by God and inspired by an Amazon pastor, Ed White began an organization to spread the gospel in the most unreached places

Exposed to the passion of indigenous Christian laborers, Ed White began an organization to equip them to make a bigger impact for the gospel in their communities. Great Commission Resources International (GCRI) has brought Bibles and bicycles, lanterns, horses, canoes, in order to give those preaching a better avenue to get His Word to others. Ed shares his journey of the amazing realization of the power of indigenous ministry and the other ways the Lord has led him and GCRI to help others around the world.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus

Intercession for the Nations

Bryan Clift of Daily Life Worship shares how God moved gather the globe for worship through Itunes

A job loss turned into a profit for the world, in terms being able to plug in to free daily worship offerings. Once a worship pastor at a church, Bryan Clift responded to a lay off by starting up a ministry that broadcasted daily worship on Itunes. His obedience has allowed him to reach the world over with his praises for the Lord. Bryan shares his journey of rising up from set back and interceding for people all over the globe.

Journeys // Slices of Life, On Journey With Jesus

Faith in the Foxhole

Terrina Weatherspoon, a U.S. Navy journalist, shares her journey of how God is in the midst of the bombings in Afghanistan

The threat of bombs is ever-so prevalent. In early August, suicide bombers stormed their well-fortified NATO base. Within the continual threat of death, Terrina Weatherspoon a U.S. Navy journalist on the ground in Afghanistan describes the presence of God in it all.

Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia, On Journey With Jesus

The Aroma of Christ within a World filled with Incense (to Idols)

Sarah Hastings travels to the Buddhist nation of Cambodia to teach Jesus and be a light for the hurting

Cambodia is a country with paralyzing disparities, where Lexus' weave in and out of motos and bicycles—and still demand the right of way. Sarah Hastings traveled to this part of the world to make a difference and share both the gospel of Christ and also His love. In her journey report, sent in after her first week of working in the country, she confesses to seeing hurt beyond what she was ready for, where little boys are forced to beg for dollars that are already earmarked to supply others’ drug addictions. Still, she has seen Him move, and is encouraged that He is bringing hope to an environment in Cambodia without much of it.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus

Build It and They Will Come

A senior director with International Cooperating Ministries takes JTJ on a partner building trip to Peru and Columbia

As part of their global mission, International Cooperating Ministries (ICM; ), seeks to nurture believers and spur church growth, primarily through building churches in places that need solid infrastructure to increase their worship capacity. Don Douglas, senior director with ICM, shares about the people and insights in walking into third world communities during what was a partner-enhancing trip to Peru and Columbia.

Journeys // Journeys in Southeast Asia, On Journey With Jesus

Planting Seeds in Vietnam

A Norfolk, Va. missions pastor gets personal with the Vietnamese people

Curt Breland, global missions pastor at First Baptist Church of Norfolk, led a team to Vietnam and dawn of 2010. He shares his insights into a country still recovering from the struggle between North and South and the dictator government that ruled there for so long. Curt also talks about the openness of the people to hear the Gospel and the great work of believers that the group met there.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

Catching a Glimpse of a Bright Future

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, journeys to Haiti to capture a sense of the rebuilding process

Bill Glass, Haiti Outreach Ministries president, shares his insights on what he saw during a trip to Haiti to access how the people of Haiti and how his staff part of the organization will move forward. He was impressed by the optimism and the hard work taking place there.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe, Hope for Haiti

Answering the Call

Twenty-four-year-old graphic designer leaves everything behind in America to commit to seeing Haiti rebuild

After growing and deepening his relationship with the Lord throughout 2009, Stephen Byxbe knew he was being called to serve the most hungry in some other country. He wasn’t exactly sure until the earthquake in Haiti struck—and then He knew. Byxbe shares his journey of just arriving to Haiti and his initial observations of the hurt and hope.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Giving her heart to orphaned boys in Peru

Erika James shares her journey how God linked her heart with the Lima, Peru-based Santa Maria’s Boys Home

Erika James meshes motherly, sisterly and godly to 120 poor Peruvian boys who live in a Lima orphanage. Here, she shares her journey of following God’s call to “do more,” which originally took her to Peru. Once there, He led her to Santa Maria’s Boys Home and instantly linked her heart to the kids there. Just completing her 7th journey there in early February, Erika gives her account of following in faith and reflecting His love.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Heart for Haiti Remains in Haiti

Samaritan's Purse Bolivia Director Shares an Account on the Efforts in Haiti.

Daniel Zeidan, director of the Samaritan's Purse office in Bolivia, spent three weeks in Haiti helping deliver relief supplies to earthquake survivors. He reflected on his time in the country after returning to La Paz. Though he is off Haitian land, he explains that his mind and his heart are still there.

Journeys // Global Travels, On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

God Makes a Way

The Samaritan’s Purse team in Haiti feels God’s hand as overwhelming challenges are overcome

David Torres is the leader of the Samaritan's Purse disaster relief team that deployed within hours of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This is his story and testimony of the hope and help in Haiti, all made possible by God.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Food for the Hungry - On the Ground in Haiti

Personnel and Supplies Fully Engaged to Fight Disaster

Everybody has a story who is on the ground in Haiti's capital and the surrounding area; it's a story of hope for some and one of pain and suffering for others. Nevertheless, it's a story of survival.

Journeys // Slices of Life, On Journey With Jesus

Redeemed by Christ

Jesus led Garrett Fincher away from a life linked to alcohol and closer to Him

One of the greatest ‘proofs’ to the power of Christ, is life change. A one-time alcoholic and drug addict, Garrett Fincher, gave up the way of the world to follow the Way of Jesus.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Workplace Mission Field - Engaging with Business Leaders in Uganda

Dr. Bob Reccord, minister and founder of Total Impact Life Ministries, a ministry that seeks to inspire men and woman to reach their full potential in life and relationship with God, traveled with his wife Cheryl to Uganda for a very intentional mission trip. The two combined to share the message of the Gospel to business leaders there and how it relates to being stewards of His truth in the workplace. Many were touched and many walked away with hearts more committed to living out His principles and the Great Commission.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus

Distributing His Word through Faith

Faith led William B. Ballinger through three strokes and cancer to continue His good work on the field of Thailand

The apostle Paul writes (1 Corinthians 3:6) that he planted, Apollos watered, and God ultimately gave the increase. Meet William B. Ballinger, a product of this godly wisdom whose increased faith has led him to take part in the Spirit-driven process of leading someone to Christ. Here in this journey testimony, Bill talks about handing out Bibles to Chinese tourists faithfully, dutifully. He was part of the Southern Cross Project, a program of the International Mission Board (IMB), which gave resources to the Chinese that came to Thailand.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

A Greater Purpose Amid the Rubble

Against the backdrop of a tragic earthquake, two Peruvian mothers experience a new level of hope and faith.

Ryan Horn, a project coordinator for the hunger relief organization Food for the Hungry, visited Peru with media specialist Elgin MacMillan to gather videos and media resources. They trekked over an area that was hit hard by an earthquake but was able to rebound due to the help of Food for the Hungry. Horn tells the story of those the individuals that have rebuilt their lives and grown in God through the process. Lauren Woodside, a Hunger Corps with Food for the Hungry, helped conduct the interviews for this story.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus, Impacting the Globe

Caring for Africa’s Orphans

How God moved Jo Anne Byrum to Zambia to oversee the building and facilitation of orphanages there.

After short term mission trips to Zambia in 1998 and then again a year later, the Lord spoke to Jo Anne Byrum very clearly about what he had for her - take care of the children there. She ended up planting herself in Zambia shortly thereafter and is now the director of House of Faith, which builds and facilitates orphanages to give Zambian orphans a better life.

Journeys // On Journey With Jesus

Crusading for Christ:

Team Goes to Kenya to Share His Salvation with Muslim Community There

Gene Strickland, evangelist and founder of Evangelism International, shares the journey he took with his team to Mumias, Kenya. Strickland preached the message of the gospel for seven days, July 6-12, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, 1,064 souls were saved and seeds were planted in more than 11,000 others who at least heard it presented.

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Discovering Unity:

Virginia Pastor Emphasizes Equality in Christian Empowerment through Jamaican Expeditions

Stepping outside our bounds lets us see things clearer. It took a trip to Jamaica, where where white people are hailed as the oppressor, for this inner city pastor to see the path to equality and equipping.

Journeys // Global Travels, On Journey With Jesus

Opened Hearts in Lisbon

Connecting to the people through dialogue and prayer

A missions team from Norfolk creates connections in a multitude of ways in Lisbon, Portugal, opening doors, opening hearts for God to seep in there