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Journeys // Slices of Life, On Journey With Jesus

Faith in the Foxhole

Terrina Weatherspoon, a U.S. Navy journalist, shares her journey of how God is in the midst of the bombings in Afghanistan

The threat of bombs is ever-so prevalent. In early August, suicide bombers stormed their well-fortified NATO base. Within the continual threat of death, Terrina Weatherspoon a U.S. Navy journalist on the ground in Afghanistan describes the presence of God in it all.

Journeys // Slices of Life

Washed Away

Susan Briggs shares insights about the heartbreak, yet moments of joy, in losing it all in the Tennessee floods

Thirteen inches of rain came crashing down on Nashville at the beginning of May, causing the Cumberland River and other waters in the area to overflow and dump on neighborhood here and elsewhere in the region. Susan Briggs takes JTJ through the initial feelings of waking up and seeing her entire home flooded out and her irreplaceable keepsakes washed away. Even in the hurt, she still says she was able to sing praises.

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Taking Kyle Home

A Journey back from the battlefield of a Marine that gave his life for freedom

You never realize the great sacrifice of troops, American or otherwise, until you realize that they, indeed, often sacrifice their lives for the cause. Chaplain (Cmdr.) Manuel A. Biadog, Jr. shares thoughts about the journey back to Rhode Island to be buried that Private First Class Kyle J. Countu recently made. Pfc. Countu was killed in action in Afghanistan.

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Ti Chape

As posted on Compassion's Blogsite:

After passing by a hazy eastern tip of Cuba, our American Airlines flight banked steeply to the right and within minutes we were passing over the northern peninsula of Haiti, so recognizable due to the heavily rutted landscape.

Journeys // Slices of Life, On Journey With Jesus

Redeemed by Christ

Jesus led Garrett Fincher away from a life linked to alcohol and closer to Him

One of the greatest ‘proofs’ to the power of Christ, is life change. A one-time alcoholic and drug addict, Garrett Fincher, gave up the way of the world to follow the Way of Jesus.

Journeys // Slices of Life

Humbled by Appreciation

The people of South Florida honor the American naval personnel with a week-long celebration that displays the essence of nationa

This author, a U.S. Navy officer, gives an account of the overwhelming appreciation of Fort Lauderdale during Fleet Week 09. He describes the unique connectedness of Navy-community in a fun-filled week.

Journeys // Slices of Life

Life at Sea

A rhythmic flow of life in motion

Landing helicopters and having a crew morale-building ice cream social are all part of the sea life experienced on a ship. Take a peak into the rhythmic nature of the 'daily grind' on the ocean.

Journeys // Slices of Life

Donning the Crest

Taking on the oath of a naval officer, accomplished in 12 enduring weeks at OCS

A reflection on what some say is the toughest naval accession program. Twelve weeks in a pressure cooker run by U.S. Marines meant to break you and then build you up.