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Taking Kyle Home

A Journey back from the battlefield of a Marine that gave his life for freedom

You never realize the great sacrifice of troops, American or otherwise, until you realize that they, indeed, often sacrifice their lives for the cause. Chaplain (Cmdr.) Manuel A. Biadog, Jr. shares thoughts about the journey back to Rhode Island to be buried that Private First Class Kyle J. Countu recently made. Pfc. Countu was killed in action in Afghanistan.

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Calm among Chaos - a Personal Journey from a Red Cross Volunteer in Haiti

Blog Posted January 18, 2010 by Wendy Harman, American Red Cross

After a tiring day of travel from Santo Domingo, I arrived at the American Red Cross office. The structure is visibly unstable but the open air office is a buzz with activity. All salvageable furniture is on the lawn, the front gates are open, and the street is orderly. It's friendly, full of humanity. Red Cross flags hang on the walls.