Deep resolve

Despite slow progress, Capvva residents continue to strive for better future

Join the Journey field coordinator Clemson Saint-fleur works with a set of micro-loan candidates to prepare them for the first round of loans. ©  

Children in Capvva complete attend school inside the tent village there. © James Drozil  2012

Conditions here, in this temporary shelter village, continue to be dire: tents that are frayed, sanitation is poor, and water is a 20 minute-walk away.

All of the residents here are not by choice but by circumstance, victims of the 7.0-magnitutude earthquake that struck their country on Jan. 12, 2010.

It has been more than two years since the moment that these people lost everything and had no choice but to take refuge in tents nearby their previous homes. Capvva formed just outside of Cite Soleil on what is additional land of a propane industrialist.

Despite what seems like a stasis of despair, these struggling people have not given hope and there are tangible signs of improvement.

One visible sign of improvement is the attentive gathering of children for learning in a small gazebo-like structure in the middle of Capvva each morning during the week. About 70 children assemble to listen to basic educational subjects.

Additionally, a small core of entrepreneurs, 11 in all, have been meeting consistently and preparing diligently to re-start the businesses that were crushed as a result of the earthquake. Join the Journey will administer small loans—termed micro-loans—equating to $300 in order for each for each of these business-minded individuals launch their respective businesses and in turn re-launch the lives they once had.

No matter the state of progress, praise to the Lord rings out from the gazebo throughout the week and Sunday morning. Hands lift up high as people give glory to God.

Haiti continues in a state of recovery and so does this village called Capvva. The majority that live in these tents feel that a better life is possible and haven’t given up hope that God will lead them to it.

The exact steps out of this difficult situation are uncertain but the Lord continues to open doors and provide avenues for people to make positive change.