Living in Christ, One-day Raised to Him

To live is Christ, to die is gain. —Philippians 1:21

Life, to coin the words of the great preacher of Ecclesiastes, is meaningless. We work, we toil, and in the end we die.

The apostle Paul, in a very succinct way in Philippines 1:21, contradicts the simple idea that we live and then we die, putting life-death within the context of Christ. As we live, as we walk in this world, we don’t do so in a meaningless, purposeless trajectory toward death, says Paul. Rather, we walk in a way that we are vibrant in Christ, letting Him magnify in our bodies, so that we may be light and love to a fallen, sinful, and corrupted world.

Death, too, isn’t just death or the end of a long marathon. Rather, death is the beginning, to be with Christ in the heavenly realm, to take our place with Him in the home He has prepared for us, His children.

Many of us find it challenging to see both life and death in this manner. To see life and all its trials leading to God being glorified and the seeds of the gospel being planted. We don’t expectantly look toward that end in death with excitement.

Hopefully, Paul’s words “to live is Christ, to die is gain” inspire us to live in such a way that living is an ever-continuing Christ-developing and growing process, and death is a celebration of the eternal promise.

To live in this way is to live with a deeper purpose, a Christ-centered purpose and to know that our citizenship is indeed in heaven.

May each of us live in Christ passionately, but at the same time yearn for uniting with Him in heaven that is to come in death.

Praise: That He is life in each of us and He will bring us near to Him in death.

Prayer: That we live life with the full knowledge of our place with Him, and each day striving to walk with Him and be more in Him.

Prayer for Today: Lord, Jesus, we thank You for today as everyday. We know You came to earth and lived as a human, as flesh and blood. And You gave us an example to live by, one that each day You sought to touch someone and give life to this world. Let us do the same, day in and day out. And approach death, not with fear and trembling, but with an expectant joy of things to come. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.