His Cup of Grace Restores us to the Father

This cup is the new covenant between God and his people--an agreement confirmed with my blood, which is poured out as a sacrifice for you. —Luke 22:20

As John (1 John 4:19) writes, "We love Him because He first loved us,” God has been on a amazing mission to give His heart to us, in a way that we may see His love, reciprocate, and walk with Him.

The history of man, His story, is one where God has been ever-pursuing the hearts of man, to punish, yet restore man in a redemptive way, so that man may walk ever-more rightly before His presence. Adam fell, but then came Noah, and then Abraham, and then the Hebrew people, and then David, the Lord each time signifying His loving commitment to His people, despite their misdeeds, giving them an opportunity through a special covenant to place themselves in His embrace—and grace.

Even within these holy covenants, man continued to—and will always—sin. Sin is all around this earth, man is surrounded by sin. Yet, in Jesus Christ the Son of God, a new kind of redemption was instilled, a New Covenant that offered God’s grace in an eternal way to His people. His blood sealed that covenant, and by taking to heart His death on the cross, we seal it with Him and He forever adopts us.

Jesus died for us, for our sins. He became the unblemished lamb that spared us from God’s wrath and gave us a path to the heavenly realm where our errors would be forgiven. He died in our place, became our substitute, and gave us eternal life.

His cup of grace has been brought before us by the love of God, by the sacrifice of Christ. May we take it into our bodies, daily, sipping from it and being renewed by Him.

Praise: That He has taken away our sins at the cross and allowed us to enter into an eternal covenant with God.

Prayer: That we do not forsake the opportunity and the grace He has placed before us.

Prayer for Today: Lord, we are moved by You, the way You pursue us and desire a relationship with us. Thank You for sending Your son to give us life. We praise You for this new covenant. May we cherish it more and more each day. We pray that we are one with You in this covenant, through Christ, and build a loving and lasting relationship as we commune with Jesus daily. In His precious Name, Amen.