Faith as the assurance of things hoped for

  • Prayer + Praise //
  • Adam Cole // February 6, 2013

Hebrews 11:1: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Throughout the account of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the New Testament, we are presented with amazing testimonies of faith.

They were people that were in rock bottom moments. People without sight. People without functioning limbs. People who were parents watching their child die before their eyes. Each of these individuals, deprived of sweetness of life because of their excruciating circumstances, cried out to Jesus. Each of their cries, not just pleas for help or whimpering of troubled souls, but a stamp of faith, one that said, ‘No matter what the world thinks of you, I believe.’

Jesus likened faith to a mustard seed where the end result was a huge mulberry tree.

And so the verse succinctly describes the essence of faith. Faith is the substance that allows us to truly believe that what we hope for will come to be—and it is Jesus, working in us and others, that brings that hope to reality. We may never God until heaven, but we live in this world in faith that He is real. That certainty through faith of His existence and the work of Jesus on the cross fuels us day in and day out.

Since the beginning of JTJ, it has been a walk of faith. We’ve seen things evolve in unexpected ways. We’re currently walking through a stretch characterized by the world’s uncertainty but equally a stretch where we can be certain God has control. My prayer is for more faith and less desire to have that control—and to be at peace when plans shift unexpectedly as the Lord works everything out in His perfect way.

Prayer for Today: Lord, praying right now in faith. May we not us not perceive faith as a wishing well but rather understand the deepens of putting ALL trust in You. Of putting our hearts and prayers into You and just letting You work. And that’s what we are doing right now, Lord, putting it all before You. Take our hearts, take the hearts of the people of Capvva, take our collective journey and mold it and shape it as You see fit. In Jesus’ Name, amen.