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Special Reports // Real World Events, Countries in Focus

Modern-day Slavery

The struggle to prevent human trafficking in Nepal

Currently 20,000 women and children are trafficked every year from Nepal alone, here is what is being done to stop this crime and how you can help.

Special Reports // Countries in Focus

Jamaica's Song: 'No Woman, No Cry'

In the government yard in Trenchtown...Bob Marley's indeible rhythm, optism, and call for social justice still echo here

Jamaica is a place where one can saunter into a unspoiled paradise. But this island nation isn’t just a tourist hot spot…it is a country where its people have fought for freedom and won and are continuing to build an identity of progress. Sadly, warring factions in politics and on the streets continue to splinter the people and break down the country’s motto of “Our of Many, One People.” In the end, even with some harsh realities, the people have optimism and want the best for their nation.

Special Reports // Countries in Focus

Spain in Focus

Full of Splendid Spots and Character

Their feet hit the floor like the hoofs of the bulls that are part of the national sport here: tapping, tapping, tapping.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope, Countries in Focus

Africa at a Glance

Poverty, Ethnic Strife, and Overpopulation are Creating a Tidal Wave of Death that doesn’t Seem to be Letting Up

It is a world where every three seconds a Child dies as a result of AIDS. Africa is like no other place on this planet, where tribal wars and a deathly environment combine to create a world in utter despair, marred by blood and death. This report takes a looks at these harrowing conditions.

Special Reports // Countries in Focus

Peru in Focus

So many blends of life, nature

An overview of all that Peru is. So much to see and do and experience. Just need to hold on for the ride and open the eyes.