SPECIAL REPORTS // hardship and hope

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Remaining Strong

The Nigerian Church Keeps the Faith in the Face of Targeted Attacks

Due to politics and a deep religious divide within the country, Nigerian Christians in the northern have been the targets of extreme violence from a militant Islamist sect. Even as bombs go off as people worship, the body of believers is holding strong, remaining close to each other and to God during this time of turmoil.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Sister to Sister

A Richmond, Va. women's service organization helps women in Haiti

Though they are separated by thousands of miles, the women of The James River Valley Chapter of The Links, Inc, felt the hurt of a group of women living in temporary shelter camp in Haiti. The Links chapter, based in Richmond, Va., decided to make survival kits filled with women's personal items like lotion and toothpaste and send them with a local doctor heading to Haiti on a medical mission. Once delivered, the survival packs gave much joy to the women of the camp.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Credit to the poor

Micro-finance used a tool for empowerment to the most impoverished

Poverty is a terrible condition. But there is one solution proving that it can help the least of these: micro-finance.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Still Moving out of the Rubble

Haiti’s displaced population has dwindled but the overall living standards have not improved

Haiti has just hit the two-year mark on the tragic earthquake that destroyed much of the capital of Port-au-Prince. This report looks into why progress has been so slow and what steps are on the horizon.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

More Trouble In The Horn of Africa As Hunger Crisis Worsens

The Worst World Famine In Almost 20 Years

Drought and civil strife are ravaging the Horn of Africa, sending the region spiraling into an epic crisis. It is estimated that 12.4 million people the region are in desperate need of food aid. JTJ reporter Michael Saks shares insights on causes and the impact of this devastating situation.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

The World’s Millstone: Child Abuse

Special report looks into prevalence of child abuse, particularly in Latin America

It is estimated that 275 million children around the world suffer violence in their homes every year. This special report tries to capture the essence of this tragedy, focusing on high rates in Latin America, and also seeks to encourage each of us to do something about it by speaking out and promoting justice.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Celebratory Spirit, Still Gloomy Reality

Haiti’s annual Carnival was a true celebration but it was conducted amidst a landscape filled with massive squalor

Coming off the heals of Haiti’s one-year anniversary of the earthquake, the country—at least a small sector of it—produced/participated in Carnival, a mix of music, artistry, and revelry. While some denounced the events, others claimed it as way to keep moving forward. Still, the event served to show just how far the country—and its displaced population—still have to go.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Simply Surviving

Haiti’s Slow Recovery Creating Dire Circumstances for Those Displaced by Earthquake

Though nearly nine months have passed since the tragic earthquake on Jan. 12, the situation for those that lost homes in the quake has not changed. They remain in tent shelters, waiting ever-so patiently for more permanent housing to come. Their lives seem to pause, without much economic activities to boost themselves out of their present condition. Life, for most, is simply a daily survival.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Stepping into the Hurt

Rebuilding in Haiti; Earthquake in Chile; Starvation on horizon for Niger

So many broken lives...yet God still exists within it all. Haiti has not given up, even as rain starts to hit and so many are still without shelter. Chile suffered a major earthquake as well; Conc

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Choosing Praise

Even as the destruction and death surrounds them, the Haiti people are lifting up their hands to say thanks to God and lift up p

A country in mourning celebrates life, knowing God is in control, and continues to march on to create sustainability living. Amidst tent cities, markets have reopened, roads too, and the airport is set to reopen this week. Much progress has occurred though much more progress is on the horizon to get Haiti on its feet.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Hope Amidst the Hurting

Haiti is getting the help it needs slowly but surely

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake destroyed most of Haiti's infrastructure but not is spirit. This special report takes a look at the devastation at the beginning and the moments of hope that defined the country's worst moments.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Globally Starving

A world in economic crisis creates a world in a hunger crisis

As the world continues to muddle through a global recession, millions upon millions struggle to find the next meal. This report takes a look at those harrowing numbers and tries to shed some light on a situation that often gets overlooked.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope, Countries in Focus

Africa at a Glance

Poverty, Ethnic Strife, and Overpopulation are Creating a Tidal Wave of Death that doesn’t Seem to be Letting Up

It is a world where every three seconds a Child dies as a result of AIDS. Africa is like no other place on this planet, where tribal wars and a deathly environment combine to create a world in utter despair, marred by blood and death. This report takes a looks at these harrowing conditions.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Claiming Their Birth

Many in Bukina Faso striving to claim their legal identity

In Burkina Faso, millions are born without being officially registered by the government. The result is lack of services given to most and even the possibility of human trafficking. The UN and other agencies are stepping in to help.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Hope Amidst Despair

Darfur villages lie in ruins but the people are still clinging to life, albeit in an assortment of refugee camps

They run for their lives, fleeing homes, fleeing everything. This is the plight of many in Darfur as what many would call state-sponsored genocide continues to take root in the troubled country of Sudan. Join the Journey looks into the plight of the 2.5 million refugees.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Surviving Street Life

Norfolk Homeless Take it One Day at a Time

Life on the streets: sleeping under park benches, grabbing a mat and taking the floor at a local shelter...its not the ideal life in any way shape or form. But hundreds of Norfolk, Va. homeless has have come to know it well, whether it be from drugs, disability, or just a patch of bad luck. They take it all in stride, seek God in the process, simply try to survive, and move with the Lord toward a greater purpose. So many are continually striving for that purpose without much luck, yet they continue in hope and at the end of the day, find their own kind of peace.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Remembering the Holocaust

Survivor shares horrors of and personal triumph within Nazi Regime

It was a time of pure horror, where entrie families perished at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis. This survivor, Jeannette Grunfeld, shows that through the pain of the past, she can smile in the present.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope, Life Milestones

Heart of Home

Conclusion of Habitat for Humanity Builders Blitz turns dreams to reality for 16 families

In a span of five days, a special blitz turned an empty lot into beaming new homes. Sixteen families who had endured hardship and struggle, but never had given up faith, each stepped into a a home that was all theirs.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Honoring the Fallen

America’s Memorial Day Inspires Deep Reflection, Remembrance for Individual Sacrifices in All Wars

Memorial Day is a time to honor those that have fallen. For so many of the still living, especially the Vietnam Vets, the death of their comrades is still hard to swallow. Thousands pay tribute each year in D.C. to honor, remember, and let go.

Special Reports // Hardship and Hope

Food for the Stomach and Soul

Rhode Island Church Ministry Spearheads Effort to Provide for Needy, Bring them Closer to God

Called the Early Seekers, a Cranston, R.I.-based church prayer group decided to turn their prayers into action by bringing sandwiches and donated clothes to the Rhode Island needy.