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Modern-day Slavery

The struggle to prevent human trafficking in Nepal

Currently 20,000 women and children are trafficked every year from Nepal alone, here is what is being done to stop this crime and how you can help.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Still Moving out of the Rubble

Haiti’s displaced population has dwindled but the overall living standards have not improved

Haiti has just hit the two-year mark on the tragic earthquake that destroyed much of the capital of Port-au-Prince. This report looks into why progress has been so slow and what steps are on the horizon.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

More Trouble In The Horn of Africa As Hunger Crisis Worsens

The Worst World Famine In Almost 20 Years

Drought and civil strife are ravaging the Horn of Africa, sending the region spiraling into an epic crisis. It is estimated that 12.4 million people the region are in desperate need of food aid. JTJ reporter Michael Saks shares insights on causes and the impact of this devastating situation.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Simply Surviving

Haiti’s Slow Recovery Creating Dire Circumstances for Those Displaced by Earthquake

Though nearly nine months have passed since the tragic earthquake on Jan. 12, the situation for those that lost homes in the quake has not changed. They remain in tent shelters, waiting ever-so patiently for more permanent housing to come. Their lives seem to pause, without much economic activities to boost themselves out of their present condition. Life, for most, is simply a daily survival.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Raped by War

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, military and militias continue striking out on woman and children as part of the spoils of

It is a scene that is beyond brutal. Innocent lives are being killed or raped seemingly on a whim as soldiers of the rebel armies rampage the eastern countryside. Democratic Republic of Congo has become a deathly battleground for the minerals that are found there. Those that fight for the bounty have no heart for human life. After 15,000 reported rapes in 2008 and 2009, 500 rapes in the past month has once again brought attention, yet no justice.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Damage Not Done

Pakistan Floods Continue to Send Pakistanis Fleeing From Homes

Even though the floods, which began six weeks ago, have done most of its damage already, Pakistanis in the south are still being forced to evacuate homes as waters threaten levees. The worse part: aid is not reaching Pakistanis in in need.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Waters on a Rampage

Epic floods sweep over one-fifth of Pakistan

Annual rains that are usually celebrated in Pakistan have brought tears, as the downpour has caused flooding in epic proportions and has destroyed land and lives in a significant chunk of the country. Reports say that 4 million are homeless with a total of 20 million affected, as crops been destroyed and livestock taken from their grazing land. Many are starving as emergency teams try to respond to the country-wide disaster.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Floods in Sri Lanka

Torrential Rains Wipe Away Homes, Affect More than 520,000

Still recovering from the 2004 tsunami and a long civil war, Sri Lana was rocked last week by torrential rains that led to flooding. Nearly 600,000 people have been affected. Join the Journey is calling our community into prayer, fasting, and offering for this nation.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Compassion in Motion

Taking on Malaria

Helping Hands Across World Soften the Blow of this Deadly Disease

A look inside a deadly disease that plagues poor countries. It is very treatable but requires the funds and mobilization to do so.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Mourning with Poland

A look into the tragedy that took away top Polish leaderhsip from this earth

Seventy years after an event that continues to bring sorrow to the hearts of Poles, the people of Poland have been struck again by tragedy. Their president, Lech Kaczynski, and other top members of parliament and Polish society were killed in a plane crash; they were on their way to a ceremony to honor the 22,000 victims of the Katyn Massacre. In a moment of utter hurt for Poland, Join the Journey is asking those in this community to mourn alongside Poland and pray for them through this time of hurt.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope

Stepping into the Hurt

Rebuilding in Haiti; Earthquake in Chile; Starvation on horizon for Niger

So many broken lives...yet God still exists within it all. Haiti has not given up, even as rain starts to hit and so many are still without shelter. Chile suffered a major earthquake as well; Conc

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Choosing Praise

Even as the destruction and death surrounds them, the Haiti people are lifting up their hands to say thanks to God and lift up p

A country in mourning celebrates life, knowing God is in control, and continues to march on to create sustainability living. Amidst tent cities, markets have reopened, roads too, and the airport is set to reopen this week. Much progress has occurred though much more progress is on the horizon to get Haiti on its feet.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Hope Amidst the Hurting

Haiti is getting the help it needs slowly but surely

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake destroyed most of Haiti's infrastructure but not is spirit. This special report takes a look at the devastation at the beginning and the moments of hope that defined the country's worst moments.

Special Reports // Real World Events, Hardship and Hope, Compassion in Motion

Globally Starving

A world in economic crisis creates a world in a hunger crisis

As the world continues to muddle through a global recession, millions upon millions struggle to find the next meal. This report takes a look at those harrowing numbers and tries to shed some light on a situation that often gets overlooked.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Turning on Each Other

Spotlighting some of the ways fellow countrymen take arms against each other

Ethnic tensions flair up in China, refugees in Pakistan return home on uncertain terms, and a wave of Christian persecution strikes Zanzibar.

Special Reports // Real World Events

World in Hurt Summary

Linking hearts to a hurting world.

Here's a look at some of the most struggling places in the world, where ethnic strife and violence threaten way of life and humanity. Also, where starvation is rapid.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Shattered Ground, Shattered Lives

Italy's Recent Earthquake Toppled Hopes for a Family-focused Easter for Most Central-Italy Families

It came like a thief in the night. A riveting earthquake shook up a small city and surrounding towns in central Italy, crushing homes and crushing lives, days before Easter.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Praising Disaster:

Suffolk Community Rejoices After Storm Hits

A ravaging set of tornadoes wreaked havoc on Suffolk in late April but by God's grace, no one was killed. Even with the wreckage, homes devastated, many people of this humble community are praising the Lord.

Special Reports // Real World Events

Another Outbreak of Bloodshed in Africa

Political unrest has caused one million to flee from their homes

The death toll is at 1,300 while a million have been displaced in what is turning into an entrenched war between forces loyal to two different political leaders. Laurent Gbagbo is standing tough against Alassane Ouattara, who was deemed the elected president in Nov. 2010 voting. With each day the fighting goes on, more and more become victims in this vie for power.