World in Hurt Summary

Linking hearts to a hurting world.

Pakistan refugee camp circa 2001. © martien van asseldonk 2001

A scene from the dumps of Sierra Leone. ©  

Massive Displacement in Pakistan

Fighting between the nation’s military and Taliban insurgents has caused the displacement of 2.5 million people with numbers continuing to rise. As Pakistan army continues to seek to wipe out insurgent forces, primarily in the Northwest, in places like the Swat and Runer valley, innocent civilians are trapped in the mix of bullets. Some compare this to Rwanda refugees in the 1990s.

Pray from Aman, the Urdu word for peace. Pray that those displaced can rebuild their lives

* * *

Violence Amidst Protest in Iran

The country of Iran remains mired in unrest as the political battle between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi rages on. Protesters have taken to the streets to contest the victory of Ahmadinejad, which is believed to have been a corrupted election. Those that protested were attacked by the religious police known as the Basiji. At least 100 have been injured.

Pray that reconciliation of the people can be attained Pray that justice is served

* * * Insurgents Threaten Somalia and its People

Much fighting has forced over 100,000 Somalis in the past month to flee their homes. Many have fled to already-brimming refugee camps on the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu and across the border to Dadaab, a 15-year-old refugee camp inside Kenya; Dadaab in eastern Kenya, is home to an estimated 280,000 mainly Somali refugees, triple its designated capacity. The history of battle here dates back to 2006, when an Ethiopian-led invasion removed a fundamentalist Islamic fundamentalist government; the Ethiopians left earlier this year, only to create a vacuum of insecurity as Islamic militants tried to seize power.

Pray for peace and that the new government is able to make a unified Somalia.

* * *

Hunger Across the World

The number of people suffering from hunger is projected to reach a historic high this year, according to new estimates published Friday by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations: 1 billion. That ends up being 1 out of every 6 people will go hungry.

Here’s a breakdown: Sub-Saharan Africa: 265m Latin America and Caribbean: 53m Middle East and North Africa: 42m Developed world: 15m

Pray for those without food - that the Lord provides.

* * *

Displacement in Sri Lanka Though 26-year-long conflict between the Sri Lanka government and the separatist Liberation Tamil Tiger Eelam (LTTE) ended on May 17, effects are still waging in in Sri Lanka. Aid agencies are stretched thin in their efforts to support some 288,000 displaced people – 90,000 of whom are children – who fled the conflict zone and are now accommodated in camps in the districts of Vavuniya, and Jaffna in the North and in Trincomalee in the East.

Pray that aid gets to refuges and they can rebuild their lives.

* * *

Effects of Earthquake in Honduras A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the Honduran coast in early June, killing at least four people in and sending residents fleeing into the streets across parts of Central America. The quake, centered 80 miles north-northeast of Le Ceiba, Honduras, caused at least six deaths, injured 17 people and destroyed 80 homes. Some affected areas remain without water or electricity.

Pray that those affected can quickly recover. Pray for families that lost loved one.