Turning on Each Other

Spotlighting some of the ways fellow countrymen take arms against each other

Scenes from riots in China. ©  

Pakistan refugees return. ©  

Chinese police, Muslim citizens clash – Death Toll Upwards of 180 URUMQI, China - In what appeared to be a clash between a justice-seeking Muslim minority and the state, riots broke out after peaceful protest in Urumqi, the capital of the autonomous province of Xinjiang, causing the death of more than 150 people (now reported at 184) and leaving another 800 wounded. In the aftermath of the riots, many Turkic Muslim Uighurs have been arrested/detained—almost 1400 say reports—and mosques have been shut down. The ethnic battle, said to be between the Muslim Uighurs and the majority Han migrants, whose battle lines are being drawn over land rights that have been exacerbated over the years, may create unrest throughout the entire country.

o Pray for reconciliation between the two groups of people o Pray for peace in China o Pray that the Chinese government allows a more open world in China * * * Churches Burned in Tanzania ZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA - Two church buildings were burned down in Zanzibar, said to be at the hands of the radical militant Muslims who fear the spread of Christianity in the island off the coast of East Africa. Evangelical Assemblies of God in Tanzania (EAGT) church and a nearby Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship in Africa church building were torched Sunday, June 28, with reports of more waves of persecution to follow. The backlash against Christians is part of a string of incidents; a church was evicted by the government in early spring. Many believe that tensions exist because Christian influence symbolizes to the Zanzibar people the potential dominance of mainland Tanzania over their island. o Pray that Christians in Zanzibar will continue to believe and grow in number o Pray that Muslims and Christians will find peace with each other o Pray that Muslims in that area will experience the Gospel and be changed * * * Bridge Collapse in New Delhi – 6 Killed A bridge being built for the metro rail system in the Indian capital, New Delhi collapsed, killing six and injuring at least 15 others. o Pray that those in India see God’s sovereignty o Pray that those in India will see that life can end at any moment…and the only way to assure entrance to heaven is through Jesus Christ. * * * Swat Valley Refugees Return Home in Pakistan SWAT VALLEY, PAKISTAN - At least 23,040 families from the Swat, Malakand, Dir and Buner districts, once a war zone between militants and Pakistani forces, will return to the valley as part of a three-phase repatriation programme over to help thousands of displaced families living in crowded camps return to their homes. There are said to be more than 2 million total refugees, caused to flee their homes when a fighting took place between the Taliban and government military. o Pray that those return home return in safety o Praise God for allowing those that had to leave homes that they can return to them