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Kids play at a tent village. Due to the earthquake, they still have no school to go to. © Adam Cole 2010

Visiting a Tent Village

Got a personal tour of a tent village and discovered some harrowing realities there

It is the most heart-wrenching thing. To see people in need--more correctly in dire need—and not be able to do anything for them, at least right then and there when you come face-to-face with that need.

Today, with a side kick from Haiti Outreach Ministries, Nathan Lee, and a translator, we visited the tent villages of Tapis Vert and Cappva in the city of Citie Soleil, seeking to go even deeper in discovering the reality of the tent villages. At these sites, we toured the camp in full, even went inside one of the tents, and spoke directly to some of the leaders to access needs as they continue to try to restart their lives.

Bio // Adam Cole

Adam Cole

On Mission in Haiti - JTJ Trip 2010 //

Finding Hope in the Rubble

Exploring the hardest hit spots of the earthquake

In this blog entry, Adam Cole explores the epicenter of the earthquake, Port-au-Prince. He observes the destruction up close, weeping over the rubble and squalor of a once beautiful place, but finding hope in the glee of the children there.

On Mission in Haiti - JTJ Trip 2010 //

Rebuilding Hope - Connecting to Hearts

Helping the housing endeavor with Haiti Outreach Ministries

On mission in Haiti, Adam Cole gives a description of the day of life in Haiti and some of the work that he is contributing in conjunction with Haiti Outreach Ministries. Part of the work, as he describes in this blog, is to put the roofing on homes that will go to people affected by the earthquake.

On Mission in Haiti - JTJ Trip 2010 //

Stepping into Haiti

Reflections on the Hurt from Day One

Eight months after the earthquake, Haiti is still in recovery mode. On what was his first day in country, Join the Journey's Adam Cole shares initial shots and snap shots of the country on what is part of an 8-day media and humanitarian trip in partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries.

Prayer + Praise

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain "

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