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Murdered by Hatred while Striving for Justice

The death of Edwin Paul, a lawyer and evangelist serving in Pakistan, and his family at the hands of Muslim extremists should ca

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – In late September, Muslim extremists charged into the home of Christian lawyer and evangelist Edwin Paul and brutally murdered him, his wife, and his five children who were of the ages 6-17. His crime? Taking the legal case of Robin Mehboob, a Christian taxi driver, who received an extremely high hike in interest rate, what amounted to 500 percent interest, on a small loan (the equivalent of $1,725) that he had used to buy a taxi. The exorbitant interest rates, coming after the loan transaction took place, were based solely on the fact that Mehboob was a Christian.

Seeking justice for his Christian brother, Paul took up the case, despite the danger in it (since he was going up against Muslim extremists). He was visited by representatives of the lender shortly after filing a legal claim with the provincial government on behalf of Mehboob. Those that came, came with rage: “How dare you Christians go to the police; don’t you know we own the law here?” Beatings ensued for both Paul and Mehboob. Mehboob fled to his brother’s home, and Paul stayed at his home. Shortly thereafter, the same men returned and killed Paul, his wife, and his five children.

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